Amphibious Firefighter Aircraft

HYNAERO develops the Fregate-F100 program
to provide a credible response to the critical growing challenge of wild forest fires.
Supported by the New Aquitaine Region, HYNAERO has signed a support contract with Bordeaux Technowest.

Water bomber firefighting plane made in Europe | Hynaero innovative European amphibious plane

The world is experiencing increasingly tragic events of devastating fires. The current fleets of amphibious aerial firefighting aircraft are aging, reducing aircraft availability and increasing maintenance costs in an environment dominated by Canadair’s monopoly for over 50 years.


Forest fires account for 20% of CO2 emissions*. They destroy ecosystems and the forest’s ability to capture carbon for 10 years. Effectively fighting forests fires directly slows global warming by protecting carbon sinks.
* @CopernicusEU


And economic activities. Destruction of biodiversity. Harm to public health.


The Next Generation Amphibious Aerial Firefighter Aircraft

with increased range and operational capability, the Fregate-F100 meets the challenges of today and tomorrow

Who are we ?

HYNAERO, a Bordeaux start-up, develops the European FREGATE-F100 program to provide private and institutional operators with a modern aircraft that meets the challenges of fighting increasingly large and frequent forest fires around the world. It is capable of operating on the existing network of water bodies currently in use.

Fregate-F100 – next generation amphibious aerial firefighter aircraft

To attack and fix the wildfires, only scooping capacity allows autonomy of action and a high rate of rotation. Aircraft of lesser capacity and to be refueled on the ground do not allow a sufficient intervention rate.

With a payload capacity of 10 tons of water, the FREGATE-F100 brings a real leap in capacity. Its modern design and built-in maintenance will achieve increased availability.

Fregate-F100 - hydravion Bombardier d'eau fabrication française | Hynaero Fabricant bombardier d'eau europe


Modern amphibious aerial firefighter aircraft

Designed with operators and for private and state operators
Payload of 10T of water

With its capacity of 10 tons of water, the FREGATE-F100 brings a leap in capacity compared to the aircraft that have been a reference until these days.

250kts cruising speed

For early intervention when fire starts.

More than 4 hours of flight range

Mission time of 2.5 hours on fire location, upto 400 km from its base location.

fFy-by-wire controls

For more precise piloting and to improved aviation safety during the mission.

Heads-up display

For better integration of information and the operational environment.


Join the Fregate-F100 program!

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A modern Amphibious Aerial Firefighter Aircraft made in Europe

The Fregate-F100 secures the European and French sovereignty over aerial forest firefighting capability

Hydravion fabrication française et européene | Hynaero Hydravions Bombardier d’Eau
Securing European sovereignty

An essential and major project, the Fregate-F100 secures European and French sovereignty over aerial forest firefighting capability.

industrie aeronotique française | Hynaero Hydravions Bombardier d’Eau en France
Re-industrialization in France

It is a major industrial CS25 aviation program for the region and all industrial and logistics partners in France.

Frégate-F100 Hydravion français | Hynaero bombardier d'eau nouvelle génération
Objective launch 2023

the financing of the seed phase (2nd semester) and the launch of the program through grants, capitalization, loans and investments will materialize the launch of the FREGATE-F100.

Partenaires | | Hynaero Fabricant Hydravions Bombardier d’Eau français
European project

The support of the New Aquitaine, local authorities, the French government and the European Commission, together with private investors, will ensure the technological and commercial success of the program. It is crucial that Europe and France mobilize now.

A project supported by New Aquitaine & Bordeaux Métropole

TAn ideal aerospace ecosystem for the technical, industrial and logistics partners of the

HYNAERO is establishing its design office and assembly line in the heart of the Bordeaux Mérignac – Nouvelle-Aquitaine aeronautical region, which has all the advantages of a robust industrial ecosystem, aeronautics companies and available airport development land.

The support contract with Bordeaux Technowest already embodies the commitment of partners in the region and the metropolis as well as the interest of economic and financial partners.